It’s A Little Difficult

“It’s a little difficult” was what they said in Japan when I asked for something that couldn’t be done. I have no internet service at the moment, so my regular Sunday post is a little difficult. Please stay tuned and I’ll send it out as soon as the problem is fixed.

4 thoughts on “It’s A Little Difficult

  1. Will definitely ‘stay tuned’. My own WP site is going bonkers…sometimes allowing visitors a look at my posts and other times offering up a rote: “Open with…” box. It seem it’s a WP glitch that they’ve fixed but not across the board on all versions of WP. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who uses a very old version…
    We’ll see.
    BYW: I worked on my lattice quilt top and am happy with its progress. deciding on size of borders – small makes the top seem chintzy and large makes for a better ‘floating’ experience. guess you can tell which way I’m leaning.
    Merry Holidays to you, Zippy and may your internet woes come to a close.

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