Clothesline Basket Fun

It’s been over a year since I purchased the Indygo Junction pattern for a basket made of covered clothesline, so I expect everybody else in America has tried this already. Anyway, it was fun.

The pattern gives basic instructions for starting the basket, shaping the bottom, and then shaping the sides.  Instructions are given for two types of handles, and for making the lining.  The basket itself was easier than I expected, then the lining was a little tricky.  Probably my fault because I changed the instructions 😀

My husband sometimes asks, “What is this one for?”  The answer is, “For making something I’ve never made before.”  Which means I have no idea of a use for this basket, but I do want to make at least one of (almost) everything just for the experience!  (Bonus: this used a lot of scraps!)

What about you?  Do you have a plan for everything you make?

11 thoughts on “Clothesline Basket Fun

  1. This is the first basket I see that has a lining, and now I want to try it. When I first started making quilts, baskets, and other things, I used to feel that I needed to make it for someone or some purpose. I used to try to justify the cost of fabric and other materials I used in my creations. Now, I just make something because I want the challenge; or it makes me feel good; or just because…😉

  2. An impressive, neat bag. And as we all know, a girl can always find a use for another bag! (I made one of these onceb and found it quite a sweaty, cumbersome exercise, and ended up with a wonky bag)

  3. Great basket!!! And, no…I seldom have a planned use for many of the quilts that I make. They are for me!! Although what my kids will do with all of them is a mystery!!!

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