Some Useful “Finds”

Today I’m sharing a few non-quilting items that I have found useful for quilting.

Clear Plastic Trash Bags. I keep a package of these handy and wrap any quilts or fabric I’m going to mail in one of them.  I seal it with clear packing tape.  That way, if the box gets wet in transit, the fabric has some protection.  I won’t tell you how I learned that the trash bags you can’t see through are a BAD idea…  Glad makes the clear ones in several sizes.

Binder Clips.  I have these in two sizes as a legacy of Judy Niemeyer’s classes, which require extreme organization.  I now use them to hold binding in a reasonable roll while I’m storing it, to hold quilt pieces together when I’ve cut a bunch of the same size for a project, etc, etc.  They’re pretty handy as chip clips in the kitchen, too–they don’t break like the usual plastic chip clips.  You can find them at any office supply store.

Ponytail Holders.  These are handy for putting around a spool to keep the thread from wandering, tangling, etc, while the spool of thread is in storage.  If found this small size,

which is handy for the smaller diameter spools, for $1 at a store that will remain nameless.  These also come in a larger size that works well for larger spools.

What non-quilting items do you find useful in your studio?



15 thoughts on “Some Useful “Finds”

  1. Ooooooo very good ideas!
    I use an old wooden accordion clothes dryer after I iron all my fabric. The fabric can be stored on it wrinkle free until I need to cut my strips, and then my strips store nicely wrinkle free as well. If you can tell, I don’t like to iron. 🙂 My quilting table is an old buffet with a mirrored back. When free motion quilting, the quilt will not fall off the back with sudden jerky movements. Also, the mirror adds extra light from a different angle.

  2. Thanks for the tips. My friend gave me tons of clips when she closed down her office.
    I will be buying some ponytail rings for sure!
    The only tidbit I have to offer is using a spray can top as a thread catcher. I have one sitting by my sewing machine, and one in my hand sewing basket.
    I also tied a small scissor on a string and have it hanging on my sewing machine.
    Now, I don’t have to go searching for the scissors when I want to snip the poking threads.

  3. Thanks for the tips. A tip I can share is that I take old calendars that have the larger numbers and cut them to make row markers for my quilt rows. I pin the numbers to the blocks so I don’t forget where they go.

  4. I like these ideas. I use pens and paper a lot. 🙂 I keep my pin magnet (not pin cushion) in a paper bowl. When I am on the floor to pin a border, I pull a bunch of pins from the magnet and drop them in the bowl. They’re easier to grab that way. Also I use fabric markers when something needs color correction. For instance, I was cutting dark red print fabric for a binding recently, and there was a mar in the printing, leaving a small white spot. I touched it with both red and a little brown to make the white spot disappear. Crayons can be used to correct color for some things, too.

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