Finally, A Quilt Design

I’ve had this Jane Sassaman fabric for several (5?) years now, but I love it so much it’s been hard to decide what to do with it.

one-block wonder quilt

Garden Divas fabric by Jane Sassaman

Coincidentally, I’ve also been meaning for years (more than 5?) to make a one-block wonder quilt.  In case you don’t know, one-block wonders are hexagonal blocks made out of 6 equilateral triangles.  Usually the triangles are identical so that the block looks like a kaleidoscope.

hexagon block

I think you can see the outline of the hexagonal block and its triangles here

Finally, I got the fabric and the one-block wonder idea together, and here are the blocks. They are just pinned together, and I expect to re-arrange them many times before I decide on a final design.That black half-hexagon in the upper left corner is what I’ll do to make the edges of the final design even.

I thought about adding some focus to the design by inserting small, solid-color lines at random places, line this:

I’m not sure I like that, but scattered black triangles are a possibility:

Or maybe not.  Suggestions?

19 thoughts on “Finally, A Quilt Design

  1. Glad to see you’ve attacked this one… I have found that grouping the blocks by color value can really give the quilt some cohesiveness. Look at the quilts online designed by Bruce Seeds, you’ll see the value concept and you’ll get lots of other ideas. Happy arranging!!! Can’t wait to see the finished project!!!

  2. I like the black triangles idea….breaks up the pattern, but I think smaller triangles might be an idea. Also, what several people have done is use a piece of the original uncut fabric on the back. I applaud you for doing this….I gave up on mine (different fabric) and pitched it!

  3. That was a perfect fabric for the one block wonder–it provides such variety. To me the appeal of the OBW is the merging of the blocks. Both the outlining and the triangles interrupt that and become a focus. The arranging and rearranging of finished blocks is one of the best stages of quilt creation. Have fun.

  4. I agree with KnitNKwilt…I think the large bold black triangles and the outlining become the focus. I want to be focused on the beautiful patterns you’ve created with that amazing fabric. Have you tried a different color instead of black to even out the quilt edges? The solid black is very strong. Look forward to seeing more pics of this quilt down the road!

  5. Yes – Wow! I really love what you’ve done with this fabric and the one block wonder design! I agree with some other writers that the heavy black triangles and even the blue lines feel disruptive.

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