Not Arkansas Crossroads

Arkansas crossroads is a block I’ve wanted to make for some time, but I can’t put my hands on a picture of it right now.  Anyway, I ran across this very similar block last week and just had to make a few of them.

donatin quilt

This block is not Arkansas crossroads, but it’s the same idea 🙂

This quilt will be a Ronald McDonald House donation when finished.

Also this week, I gave away a quilt I made several years ago to a friend who is retiring (again) after volunteering for many years at the free clinic where I work.  I don’t recall the source of this block, but I do recall the quilt was a lot of fun to make using scraps.

scrap quilt

This quilt was made from real scraps left over from other projects.

How was your week?


14 thoughts on “Not Arkansas Crossroads

  1. Those are two really nice blocks. What a great gift for your retiring friend!

    As to my week, it’s been good and busy. I finished the top of the red & white, quilted a gift, started a new quilt, cut binding for another… I bought a new ironing board cover and don’t imagine I will like it. It is padded and squishy, not terrible for pressing a seam, but not very good for pressing yardage. So Jim and I have started discussions on creating a custom ironing surface. Seems like it will be easy, other than decided how to support it with legs.

    • Hmmm…there are those big boards that fit on top of the ironing board, though that doesn’t sound very stable. Let me know what the solution is…I might want to drop a hint here 😄

      • I am afraid I might knock it all over, if it just sits on top of another ironing board. Lean too hard on one end and watch the iron fly! Mm, no. We’ll work it out and I’ll let you know.

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