Asheville Quilt Show 2015!

The Asheville Quilt Show isn’t juried, but it always has some outstanding quilts. Here are a few of my favorites this year.  I was particularly struck by how many modern designs there were, even in the categories that weren’t designated “modern”.

Jean Larson

Jean Larson won second place in the Modern category with “Off Center”

Connie Brown

Connie Brown, who is a beekeeper as well as an outstanding quilter, made this lovely miniature, “The Hexagon Life”

modern quilt Asheville Quilt Guild

“Singing in the Rain”, by Elizabeth Allen, was one of many modern-style quilts entered in other categories. Love the rain-texture quilting!

Asheville Quilt Guild Show

“Sonoran Skies”, by Jolene Stratton, made striking use of some striped fabrics and effective use of quilting to reinforce the design

Asheville Quilt Show 2015

Phyllis Tarrant stated her “Geese in the Parking Lot” made use of principles taught by Joen Wolfrom. Wow!

Asheville Quilt Show 2015

Heat Wave, by Cathy Nieman, made striking use of shape and color

modern quilt Asheville

Amster-daze, by Terri Jarrett, was the most unusual quilt in the Modern Style category

modern quilt show

Tuesdays, by Lisa Heller, had fun colors and design

Asheville Quilt Guild show

Back in Time, by Linda Hallatt, isn’t modern but it is very striking and well done. I just had to take a picture for my husband!

Asheville Quilt Guild Show 2015

Purple Haze, by Connie Brown,. She says she made it many years ago, but I think it looks contemporary.

art quilt Asheville 2015

This clever art quilt, “Fit’ting-ly” by Dale Williams, was in the modern category

modern quilt

Drunkard’s Path the Modern Way, by Linda Fiedler, was an exceptionally beautiful quilt in the modern category

modern quilt

Cats for Jed, by Diana Kantor, a talented member of the Modern Quilt Guild of Asheville

traditional quilt

Though traditional, this quilt of 1700 Pyramids by Kathryn Weston certainly caught my eye

modern quilt

Geez Louise, by Connie Brown, was a fun quilt in the Modern category. I wondered about the background fabrics with their mottled look.

art quilt, modern quilt

Pathways & Passages, by Diana Ramsay, was in the art quilt category but looked very modern to me.

art quilt, modern quilt

Finally, Jocassee Sunrise by Lynne Harrill caught my eye. Not modern, but certainly beautiful.

There were many more wonderful quilts, but I limited myself to the modern ones and those I especially liked.

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