Out With the Plaid!

Several of the blogs I read have been focused lately on purging unwanted fabrics from the stash.  It sounds like a good idea. Mind you, I still think it’s important to have a good stash. But at this point it should be a little more curated than it is!

fabric stash

Lots of stash–how much fits my current needs?

We’ve all got fabric we don’t want. Maybe it was a gift, maybe we’ve just moved past the aesthetic phase in which we bought it, maybe we ordered online and it wasn’t quite what we expected. Whatever. It’s taking up space and heaping on guilt: maybe we’ll need it some day: waste not, want not and all that 😦

There are several things to do with unwanted fabric, including:

  • Donate the fabric
  • Make donation quilts
  • Cut it up small enough to use for its color only
  • Add some fabrics you like better to make another quilt
  • Make something like wrapped clothesline bowls where the fabric will look different
  • Use it for quilt backs
  • One woman even tore her unwanted fabric into strips and made rag rugs.  Yikes!

So here’s my first de-stash: Fabrics that don’t have a nice “hand”, or feel. Maybe they’re cheaply made, but maybe not. Anyway they don’t feel good so I don’t want to work with them.


My first de-stash pile

And here’s my second de-stash: Plaids. I’ve made multiple plaid quilts and enjoyed them, but enough is enough already!  The plaids will go to my sewing buddies if they want them; otherwise I’ll donate them.


These plaids have to GO!

So now I’ve put the fabric that doesn’t feel good, and some of the plaids, into my “bad fabric” box to use for tearing strips to tie up my tomatoes, cut into “bridges” for continuous piecing, etc

The discard bin

The discard bin

And what about you? Any plans to de-stash? How?

6 thoughts on “Out With the Plaid!

  1. I get rid of little bits at a time. Yesterday I went through my bin of blacks and pulled a couple of things that I don’t like and won’t use. Usually those pieces go to my quilt guild to work into donation quilts. When I sort through my scraps drawer I pull bits and pieces that are “too small” to be useful to me. They go in the trash. I’ll never be one who saves all leftover fibers to stuff dog beds or the like, but I know there are people who do.

  2. so funny that this is today’s blog ! I was thinking this a.m. (have no idea why) about my excess fabric and thinking “Maybe I should give it to Mary.” Guess not!!! 🙂

  3. “Curated stash”; I like that term and the concept. I guess that is what I do (now I have a name for it). Before going on a shop hop I survey what I have and what gaps are there and shop to fill the gaps. Hadn’t thought of donation quilts as destashing, but I guess it is–gets rid of unwanted fabric.

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