The Top 10 Reasons Some Quilters Choose to Exercise

This IS a blog about quilting, but it IS January, so here goes…Quilt-1

10. Strength training means you can carry more bolts during sales.  In fact, a good sale COUNTS as your weight lifting for the day!

9. Pilates improves core strength, so you can stand over a cutting table for hours.

8. The safety pins used to fasten your race number to your shirt are the perfect size to use for basting (true story!)Quilt-3

7. Stretching makes you flexible!  Streeeeeeetch to reach the ironing board from your sewing machine, etc.

6. Stamina! Make at least 5 quilts in a single retreat!

5. Save money by wearing the same size clothes every year–and spend that money on fabric!Exer-1

4. Agility training helps you slither through crowds to see the demonstration or grab the notions when they go on sale.

3. Yoga improves concentration, allowing you to focus on quilting when those pesky kids whine for supper 😉

2. Burn more calories. We all know we MUST have chocolateClip Art Illustration of a Chocolate Valentine Heart with Truffl to quilt, and exercise burns any leftover calories!

1. If you race walk, you get to really WIGGLE YOUR HIPS—good no matter what your gender, age, or lifestyle!

NEXT WEEK–my latest project to use stash–this time I used fat quarters.

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