Three Easy Chevron Quilts

My plan here is to make modern quilts to clear out ALL my stash, and yours!  With that in mind, here are some fun quilts to make if you have lots of charms (5 inch squares), or squares of any uniform size.

ONE: Make a chevron quilt

Just sort the squares into lights and darks and make half square triangle blocks using your favorite method (or here are half-square triangle instructions on another website).

Any single solid (or fabric that reads solid) can be used to contrast with scraps

Any single solid (or fabric that reads solid) can be used to contrast with scraps

Here’s the layout for option ONE:







chevron quilt

Scrappy zigzag quilt with alternate rows offset 1/2 block

TWO:  Just for fun, here’s an alternate layout that also makes a nice zigzag quilt.  This has fewer corners to match than option one 🙂

Just offset every other row a half block so that the points on the Row 2 blocks fall at the center of the Row 1 blocks–look at the picture on the left and you’ll get the idea!



THREE:  You can even arrange your blocks to make really big zigzags across the quilt:  This is the most challenging of the bunch in terms of making the corners match, but of course the design also has a big impact because of the big chevrons.2 better chevrons

 A bigger chevron would obviously be easier if you started with larger squares.  Got any layer cakes (i.e., packages of 10 inch squares) you’re wondering what to do with?  As you can see, this example shows two different ways to make BIG chevrons.

I’ve made a couple of zigzag quilts, one scrappy and one using all my purple charms.  It’s a fun way to make a quilt with a lot of graphic appeal while using stash.  Now, let’s go make some chevrons!

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