Memory Bears: The Memory Quilt Alternative

A friend recently started making memory bears. I had never heard of them and hers are so cute I just had to tell you about them.

Some of Kristine’s bears

She has made these using discarded clothing as well as yardage. She has also successfully used upholstery fabric for some different textures.

This bear was made from a flannel shirt

If you want to give it a try, here is the pattern she uses. It’s available from Studio Stitch. (If you don’t see it on their website, just phone them.)

If you want to know more, here is her contact information. I refer friends who want a memory bear to her, since making stuffed animals is not in my skill set!

Kristine Rimmey,

Next week I’ll tell you about a particularly spectacular memory bear she made from a wedding dress. Please stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “Memory Bears: The Memory Quilt Alternative

  1. That’s a lovely idea, and the ones Kristine made are certainly adorable. I’ve seen these bears before, though often they’ve been made from old fur coats with sentimental value. Can’t say I, personally, would want a bear as a family keepsake, but it’s a nice thought for a child.

  2. In our family, there’s an unspoken rule that: ‘everybody needs a teddy bear’. This brings to mind when Ma was dying and baby bro brought her a special bear for her stay in ICU…I have some specially selected clothes of hers that I always thought I could make into a memory quilt (ugh to that as a project).
    But a teddy bear would be right in line with a family tradition…plus someone else could make it since stuffed animals are also NOT in my skill (or patience) set!!!!
    Thanks for the idea – and yes, I remember seeing a few of these on display when I visited Studio Stitch with you!

  3. I thought of your memory quilt post this week when I saw a YouTube video, where someone made small stuffed cat Christmas tree ornaments (from a person’s clothing) as a memory item. I thought that was a great idea, much less complicated than a quilt, and something that can be shared with lots of friends and family members.

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