Fun With Fusing

fused quilt

Laura says this quilt started with her scraps!

Laura Wasilowski is a multi-talented lady.  She makes bright, fun art quilts from fabrics she dyes herself.  She even dyes her own embroidery floss!  Her classes are well organized with many useful hints to make fused quilts in a variety of ways.  She even sings–yes, well enough to sing in public without embarrassing herself!

craftsy class fused quilt

This project is from Laura’s Craftsy class

…… I spent 3 enjoyable days taking classes with her at Quiltfest (see the post for August 11), but she has a Craftsy Class, too.

One of the things she said that I liked best is that her scraps are the start of her next quilt!


Some of Laura’s Scraps!

She even saves tiny scraps.  This works especially well because she has fusible glue on the back of all the fabric she works with, so those tiny scraps are ready to place and fuse wherever–no worries about seam allowance!

fused quilt

Laura (left) and me with the beginnings of one of my class projects

I enjoy her creations because they are bright and cheerful.  I hadn’t done any embroidery in YEARS until I took her classes, but I enjoyed adding both embroidery and beads to the things I made in class.

Laura does beautiful embroidery with her own hand-dyed threads, as shown in the picture below of a work in progress.  There’s also a larger picture of the entire work so far at the bottom of the post.  You can learn (a lot) more by checking out her website here.

quilt embroidery

Some of Laura’s embroidery–it’s tiny!

I recommend Laura’s classes–so much fun, and a new creative outlet!  She has a book and DVDs, too, but part of the fun of her class is her sense of humor.  Lots of fun.

fused quilt Wasilowski

Laura’s work in progress