The Also-Ran Blocks

Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine just ran a modern quilt block contest, so of course I made a few blocks.  Well, OK, I made several and then picked 3 to submit.

This seemed too plain

This seemed too plain

(Thanks to the friends who voted on the top 3 to help me decide which to submit!)

Here are some of those that didn’t make the cut for various reasons.  I’ll note the reasons as captions on each one just for the heck of it.

I started with a thought of eccentric circles, which evolved into an olive…

Then I tried a variation on the traditional 9-patch…9patch

I thought probably everybody in America would do a variation on the 9-patch.  However, I noted that, when oriented with the biggest part at the bottom, the block appears 3-dimensional, so I’ll tuck that thought away for another project.

Along those same lines, I really, really like adding tiny strips into things (using Judy Niemeyer’s method), so I made a tic-tac-toe block.  I like the fact that the print has crossed lines and my insets are crossed lines too, but overall the block didn’t really work for me.


Not cute enough


Almost, but not quite

Next, I took an improvisational block I made in a class with Heather Jones (who is an excellent teacher, by the way).  I cut it to size (12.5 inches square per contest rules) and made the angle wonkier while I was at it.  I liked this a lot better.  If only I’d used my tiny lines to make the grid it might be perfect.


Almost but not quite, again

I love stars, so my next attempt was an eccentric star using the flip and sew method for the points.  I really like this one, and I like the fabrics, but it lost out to one I liked better.

I can’t show you the 3 blocks I finally selected to send in to the contest, because they can’t be published prior to the contest.  However, I promise you’ll see them later whether I win or not.  Now I need to make a quilt to use all these also-ran blocks!

1 thought on “The Also-Ran Blocks

  1. I entered 3 blocks in the challenge as well. How did you do? I just found out that one of my blocks finished in 3rd place! I am so excited. I really like your olive block.

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