Time to Start Christmas Projects!

I liked this block so made it into a holiday placemat

I liked this block so made it into a holiday placemat

“Christmas in July” isn’t an excuse for a party if you’re a quilter, it’s the way it has to be if you want to give a finished product rather than a promise on Christmas Day! Placemats make great gifts and there are so many options that you don’t get bored making them. Here are a few ideas.

LeafPlacemats all labelledIn general, a rectangular placemat needs to be about 12″ x 18″, though variations from this can work just fine.  One Christmas I looked up some cute Christmas block patterns and made one of each, the added borders to make them placemat-size.  Each family member now has an individual holiday placemat.

One of my favorite ways to make placemats is to stack 4 coordinating FQs (fat quarters), cut them up randomly, and re-assemble them.  I then trim to the finished size.  If you do this,

This was made by stacking FQs and cutting them randomly

This was made by stacking FQs and cutting them randomly

9Patch placemat labelled

This was a stack of FQs cut freehand to make a wonky 9 patch placemat

you’ll need 4 coordinating FQs for the placemat tops, about 1 yd of fabric for backing, and about 1/3 yard of fabric for binding, assuming you cut your binding 2″ wide.  You can cut the fabric as many times as you like, any way you like.  This is a good time to do some improvisational piecing since you’re only risking 4 FQs. If you want more than 4 placemats, add more FQs.

I gave my husband the woodworking shop of his dreams–on a placemat!

There are many placemat patterns available, but I’ve mostly made up my own.  Here are a few more pictures, including one showing my husband’s ideal woodworking shop.

Now, go make some placemats and send me pictures!

I couldn't resist these coffee-themed fabrics

I couldn’t resist these coffee-themed fabrics

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