Rising Star

Rising Star for WebThis is “Rising Star”, a quilt I made for the Quilt Alliance “Twenty” contest.  The contest celebrates the organization’s 20 years of existence.  If you don’t know about the Alliance for American Quilts, headquartered in Asheville, NC, visit their website here.

I’ve never, ever, entered a quilt in a contest before, because I make quilts for fun.  (Also because I was a little scared).  However, when I saw Victoria Findlay Wolfe‘s post about the quilt she was making for the “Twenty” contest, I said “Why not?”

This design had been in my head for some time (OK, years) but I hadn’t gotten around to making it up.  The contest seemed like a good opportunity.  I had some solids I’d recently bought for another purpose (oops) and they were perfect.  I did a bunch of drawings to scale on graph paper then constructed a complete star and quilted it.  Only then did I overlay my 20″ x 20″ cardboard frame to mark and cut the quilt to size with the star off- center..  I like it so much I think I’ll make a series of off-center star quilts, probably most of them lap quilt size rather than art quilt size like this one.

Having done it once, I’m no longer hesitant to enter a contest.  I’m still making quilts for fun, but I’ll share them more, both in shows and on this blog. What about you?

Next week’s post will be a pattern for a modern donation quilt.  Come back next Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Rising Star

  1. Good for you — for coming up with the design, for making it a reality, and for having the courage to enter the contest! Very cool!

    Love, Katy

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  2. Mary,

    Congratulations on the new blog and good luck with the contest! As Katy says “good for you!” and I agree with the design and the courage for making it a reality! You never stop amazing me (and Harry, too!)

    Looking forward to future posts!


  3. I must tell you how honored I am to have my Turning Twenty quilt patterns featured on your blog! Modern Quilts are quickly ‘getting in my head’, I’m having so much fun designing my newest Turning Twenty pattern with a very modern flavor! I’ll be sure to send you a photo as soon as it’s available. (September) Thanks again for mentioning Turning Twenty!
    Tricia Cribbs

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